About Perennials

2012-09-05 14.15.19About Perennials

Plant once, and enjoy year after year. Herbaceous perennials generally have quite a long life, which means that there is no need to replant your flower beds every year.

A huge selection to choose from. From a small city balcony to an expansive country garden, there are thousands of perennials to choose from for every type of garden. They also have a fantastic array of colour, with many different forms and shapes.

Bring the nature back to your garden. Herbaceous perennials are all fantastic Hoverfly, Honeybee, Songbird, and Butterfly attractors. With a large global decline of many different types of  insects and birds, you will be only helping their cause for survival.

Your very own supply of cut flowers.From late Spring, right through until early Autumn, Herbaceous perennials are bursting with colour, and are perfect for creating your very own flower arrangments.